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The following items are a short list of considerations when purchasing land. There are many other factors to consider additionally depending on your unique situation, goals, and particular property identified. Call us to discuss your intended purchase in detail and other considerations on your next land purchase.

Answering the following questions will help us advise you on your land purchase.

  • What are your plans for the property?
  • Do you have cash on hand for your land purchase?
  • Have you been in contact with a lender on a land purchase?
  • Do you have specific needs of utilities on the property such as gas, high speed internet, sewer connection?

Items that typically need consideration are:

  • do I need a survey, is one available
  • are utilities available at the property
  • is there a recorded ingress/egress
  • are the boundaries marked in any way - legally known
  • does the property have a sewer connection or would it perk for a septic system
  • if I plan to build a home have I discussed placement, setbacks, etc with my preferred builder
  • is the property correctly zoned for my intentions
  • is the property buildable
  • is the property in the flood plain
  • what is the terrain, is there karst geological features and if so should I have concern
  • what are the taxes
  • are there any contamination hazards, do I need any phase studies, am I in or near a superfund cleanup area

We are here to help our clients discuss land purchases and welcome new clients. Call us today to begin your journey of purchasing KY land for sale.

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