Offer To Close

Purchasing Real Estate - Selling Real Estate

Offer to closing, we make the real estate purchase as smooth as possible.

Give us a call and let's talk! We want your business and promise to work hard for you.

This is simplified and will give you a general overview of the process without going into the nuances and overwhelming you with unnecessary items.

  1. Prequalify with your preferred lender. We suggest you discuss with us your lender and financing options, as all are not created equal. We can help minimize the lending hiccups.
  2. Let’s discuss your needs, wants, and budget. We together start scouring for the perfect fit! We discuss potential properties in depth, get viewing them, thoroughly scrutinize on site during showings, and you find your dream place!
  3. Once that dream place is found we jump into evaluation of the property and provide you a CMA!
  4. After thorough discussions we, together, prepare a formal offer per your instructions with our seasoned guidance. If accepted and you move to escrow, we collect the earnest money deposit and move forward with the contract contingencies. We have checklists to keep us on track.
  5. Once the contingencies are resolved we move towards the closing. This is the time to finalize your movers, utility transfer, and more. We additionally have checklists and will remind you of best timing to make these happen!
  6. Closing day can come quickly with the right professional by your side. We have the experience to make your dreams happen, navigate you through the complicated process with ease, and get you into that perfect place.

We know our business. Call today.

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