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Learn about lead based paint, lead paint use in buildings, how to minimize risk and exposure, and potential health effects it can have to your body.

Lead paint can pose health risks in your home, office, and even schools. When looking for your next home, keep in mind that homes built before 1978 could potentially have lead based paint used in them. Testing is the only way to confirm. Wondering why you should be concerned? That is because lead paint, if ingested through inhaling or digesting, is a heavy metal neurotoxin. It can cause neurological disorders, brain damage, and harm organs. The best way to ensure you limit your exposure to lead paint in your home is to keep your home in good condition and maintain your home. If you have chipping and/or peeling paint in your home it is wise to consider testing that paint and then taking action. Local hardware stores sell test kits that you can easily use to test paint for lead. If you test and determine that there is lead paint you have choices. You can contact a professional contractor educated in regards to lead management to assist you in finding a solution, you can cautiously follow EPA recommendations, but whatever you do be sure you do so in a careful manner. Do not sand areas containing lead paint as this will put a poison dust into the air. Also be cautious if you scrape the flaking paint. You will want to catch any lead paint removed and dispose of it properly. After you do any work with the lead paint use the white glove test, ensure you have cleaned and remove all dust created.

Fortunately the EPA has created this handle pamphlet which explains a lot. They have also created a guide which contractors should follow when performing any work in your home, business, and school. It is your duty to ensure they do follow these guidelines.

Lead paint may sound scary but with proper maintenance and encapsulation, or covering with another paint, it will limit the health risk to you and your family.

Click here to download the EPA's "Protect Your Family From Lead In Your Home" pamphlet.

Making renovations? Download and read the EPA's Renovate Right Pamphlet here to help protect you and your family.

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