The following are actual, unedited, client testomainals. We provide the same level of service and expertise to all our clients no matter the price point!

 I tell everyone I know trying to buy or sell their house that they should use Martin Crane. He is a true professional in every since of the word.

I began my journey trying to sell my house 4 or 5 years ago, if memory serves me correctly.  I put up a “for sale by owner” sign thinking paying money for commission was  a complete waste if you had the right product..Boy was I wrong!  I did have a lot of traffic but no success. I then listed it with a “friend” agent who reduced the commission, so I thought I would be OK and could justify paying it.  He put it on MLS, put a sign in front yard, took a few quick picture inside the house and posted them with the MLS listing.  He then sat back and waited, as I did.  Very limited traffic, no open house Sunday’s and not much marketing.  There was, however,  constant negative feedback from agent that I would have a hard time selling given the location and price point of my house.  I think I listed it with him for almost two years before the realization that effort leads to success and there was not much being exhibited here.

I then decided to call up a guy who had previously knocked on my door looking to list my house and telling me what he could do for me.  This guy contacted me several times after the initial introduction  to see how it was progressing, though he knew the answer,  but  I never would list it with him.  I decided a change was needed so I listed my house with him, a complete stranger.  His name is Martin Crane.

The first thing he did was bring over a bunch of his own furniture and knick-knacks  and we began “staging” the house.  He did most of the work as I only helped him move a couple of big furniture items.  I think he spent about 3 hours arranging furniture  and redecorating different bookshelves with the items he brought over.  The next day he began taking pictures and my neighbor said at one point he thought he had a tripod in the middle of the street going up about 30 feet so he could capture pictures of the best aspect of my home, my view.  I was at work so I didn’t get to see everything he did.

When I visited his website I was amazed.  This was the best my house ever looked even when it was brand new.  All the pictures were bright, clear and very professional looking.  He also loaded up brochures and placed them in a container next to sign… Those too were professional looking, printed on high quality gloss paper.  He kept that container full as they seemed to empty out every couple of weeks. He also held open house about every month, which he would be physically present for all but one time.  This was the effort I was looking for!If we had a client who was interested or made an offer he would send this info to me electronically.   All I had to do was log onto my computer at work and sign what I needed to…very convenient for me as I was pretty busy at my job. He would also maintain on his website a section showing client feedback and I could go back to visit at my leisure.

Well, as you could have  predicted,  all this “effort” came to fruition about a month ago, as I accepted an offer.  Martin was on “vacation” when this happened, but you would hardly know it.  He kept negotiations going, including getting a lower price with termite company, etc. This past month wasn’t easy though, as we had problems with buyer’s appraiser, title company and lender.  Martin kept everything going and was always communicating with me every step of the way!  I finally closed on my house this Thurs (Aug 30th) and if Martin wasn’t in the middle of  this transaction I don’t think it would ever have happened.

I tell everyone I know trying to buy or sell their house that they should use Martin Crane. He is a true professional in every since of the word.  Thanks again Martin and when I am ready to buy or sell another house you are getting a call from me first!

Regards and totally impressed,

Scott C

5 out of 5 stars

Louisville KY Parkridge home sold!

We honestly couldn't have asked for a better REALTOR.
Martin Crane was absolutely incredible to us when we were buying our first home. He gave us step by step instructions and tried to make the process as easy as possible. He gave advice on putting in an offer on the house and what we should do if they counter offered and he even brought us a list of other houses similar to it just in case the sellers rejected us. He covered all bases with us and was fully determined to help us get our first home. He called and reminded us when things needed to be done and recommended services to us when it came for the termite inspections and such. He saw us through from beginning to end and we honestly couldn't have asked for a better REALTOR. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a REALTOR.
Jordan C. and Chris K.
I don't think I could have found another REALTOR with more professionalism and attention to detail than Martin Crane.
Two months ago I began an earnest search for property in the Blankenbaker area. I came upon the name of one of your REALTORS on the website and called him on Memorial Day, a weekend that he was vacationing out of town, with his family. The fact that he would answer his phone on a holiday weekend was impressive.
When he got back to town he was available at the date I chose to show me a condominium in Swan Pointe that was listed with another REALTOR. Martin Crane seemed always available for any questions, extending valuable advice, and treating me like I was his only client. He has made my experience from choosing the property, the loan process, and the actual closing a really good experience. I don't think I could have found another REALTOR with more professionalism and attention to detail than Martin Crane.
You probably already realize what an asset he is to your firm, but I wanted you to know that there are clients such as myself who feel the same way.
Ann C
He helped us find our perfect home and by the end we not only had a great REALTOR, but a new friend.
I can honestly not say enough good things about Martin Crane. I had met with two other REALTORS before meeting him; one was my parent’s REALTOR who did not do a good job at all with us.  I then found another REALTOR who showed us a couple of properties and then we never heard from him again.  I was getting fed up and really wanted someone to help us, this was our first house so I really had no clue, not to mention my husband was deployed so I was kind of going this alone anyway.  I called Martin because I saw his name associated with a listing online.  We met immediately and began our journey from there.  He found us several houses and when we didn’t end up choosing them, he still continued to help us and if he didn’t think a property was right for us or if he thought something was wrong he told us and didn’t hold back because he seemed to really care and really wanted us to be happy in our choice even if it meant more work for him.  We searched several towns that were quite a drive for him, but he didn’t mind he showed us any house we wanted to see.  He always kept us updated of new properties and existing properties that we were interested in.  He advised us and helped us every step of the way, he was very patient with us and our situation (as I’m guessing we probably were not the easiest clients). He helped us find our perfect home and by the end we not only had a great REALTOR, but a new friend.  I have recommended him to several friends and would recommend him to anyone!
Michael & Sheri
Martin has gained my trust and I would highly recommend him for any of your real estate needs.
Martin Crane gets the job done. Selling a house in a ever so shaky market is not an easy task, However, Martin kept to his word that if we price it right, show value,and make the house enticing, selling a house can be as much fun as buying one. Martin was an ambitious agent, who went above and beyond.I felt like we were partners and that I was always kept well informed of all steps during the selling process. Martin has gained my trust and I would highly recommend him for any of your real estate needs.
Melissa R
As far as I'm concerned, Martin Crane is the hardest working REALTOR in Louisville.
As far as I'm concerned, Martin Crane is the hardest working REALTOR in Louisville.  My wife and I had a very unusual home to sell, and Martin never gave up.  On his initial visit, Martin spent about six hours taking high quality photos and videos for his website, which helped to showcase the highlights of our unique house.  When the market was stale, he kept advertising and showing the home when other REALTORS would have walked away.  Tenacious, yet exceedingly polite, Martin reached out to every segment of the market and always kept his promises to us.  When our home finally sold, he followed through until the new owners took possession, making sure the closure went off without a hitch.  I look forward to working with him in the future, and I recommend him without reservation.
Russ C.
We will not hesitate calling Martin again and will recommend him to others.
Martin Crane did a great job selling our tough-to-sell country home and 20 acres. The house was on the market during a down market for 12 months.
He held 10-15 open houses during that period and followed up with all of the prospects. We interviewed 3 real estate agents, one a friend,  and selected Martin. His presentation to us  was excellent and he did everything he said he would do and more. He is a great photographer and the photos he took of the property made it look its best. He is also an expert in online real estate selling. He is trustworthy and gave us straight answers whether we liked them or not. We will not hesitate calling Martin again and will recommend him to others.

Ann and Tim M.
Martin Crane has to be one of the hardest working Realtors we have ever seen.
If you need a good Realtor, look no further! Martin Crane has to be one of the hardest working Realtors we have ever seen. We had contacted another Realtor prior to listing our home with Martin, but since she took an entire month off for vacation and was not available, we stumbled onto Martin's name while looking for property to build on. After hearing Martin's presentation on how he would sell our current home, we decided to look no further for a Realtor. The pictures he took of our home were outstanding! He made some suggestions on how to best present our home and even helped with yard work!!! After one open house, we had a contract the next day. There were some obstacles with the buyer during the contract process which he handled in a very professional manner and kept us informed at all times. When we were loosing cool from the lack of communication on the buyers end, Martin kept his and got our questions answered. His attention to detail is what you need when you are in doubt of what to do. You know he is looking out for your best interest and he is always a phone call away, no matter the day or time, for answers to questions. Martin is detailed oriented, a great photographer, professional and on top of the market trends, but most of all, he is honest. When you hire Martin to sell your home, you know you will get the best price and the best Realtor! Thanks Martin for all your hard work in selling our home and we appreciate the help you are giving us in the building of our new home. You will be first on our list if we ever need another Realtor and we won't hesitate to recommend you to friends and family.
Marianne and Dale
Thank you again for allowing our dream to come true. Not only do we have that home we always wanted we have gained a true friend.
Melissa and I wanted to share how appreciative we are that you come into our lives and handling such important transactions with us. Your focus and efforts around our home sale/purchases is second to none. We had a very unique circumstance in our home selling and buying process. You stood beside us every step of the way with professionalism and patience. There was never a time that we did not feel like your number 1 client. Your attention to detail in both the sale and purchase of our homes is what allowed us to accomplish our goal. Your ability to cater to our communication style was special and very accommodating. Your customer service and knowledge of the industry completely sets you apart from all other realtors. You made our journey and exceptional customer experience. I could spend days recognizing all the things you did to assist us through our process. We want to be a referral source for you in the future. I have sent clients to you and expect to send many more. Due to your efforts Melissa and I would always be willing to speak to anyone who wants to talk to past clients of yours for a recommendation before engaging your services. Thank you again for allowing our dream to come true. Not only do we have that home we always wanted we have gained a true friend. We will be in touch and if you ever need anything from us let us know. Keep in touch.
Mike and Melissa
Meridith Hamilton has assisted me with two recent real estate transactions. Throughout each process, Meridith was steadfast in her professionalism. She served as a resource, providing honest information, insight and the utmost integrity. 
Meridith is consultative and truly cares about the needs of her clients. If you’re imagining your dream home or anticipating an upcoming move I can’t recommend anyone better than Meridith Hamilton.
A. Walker
I am so happy I used Meredith Hamilton with Crane Realtors® to sell my condo!!! I was under a very strict timeline the timing had to be perfect and there was no room for any error for the sale of my home. It was a must that it had to be sold before I moved into to my new Florida home and Meredith stepped up to the challenge and genuinely cared about my dream coming true.

She was always available by phone call or text and even on nights when I was beyond stressed about packing boxes or my move in general she was there and ready to put my mind at ease.

She always included me in every aspect of selling my condo. She was professional always on time and attentive to my demands.She even helped with pictures and helping me clear counter tops and move furniture!

I would absolutely use her again if I needed a Realtor®. I would recommend her to friends and I will always be thankful to her for helping make my dream a reality.
Kara H.
Meredith Hamilton did a wonderful job facilitating the sale of our home, and we highly recommend her.  We had the daunting task of moving under a very short timeline, so we found ourselves needing to sell our house quickly.  Meredith held multiple open houses, provided guidance on staging, and found a buyer.  After a buyer was found, she managed the closing by providing advice, facilitating communication with the buyer, and ensuring there were no issues getting the sale over the finish line.  She exhibited patience and perseverance, not only securing the sale but also making it a pleasant experience.
Joe & Shannon
Martin is Awesome!!

In a world of disappointing people, it was so nice to meet someone that does a great job and helps you along the way. I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor and will refer to him always. Martin went over and beyond to assist me. He looked out for a single woman who needed help finding a good home. You will not find a more dedicated person. Thank you, Martin
Gail C
Hi Dan,
This is Selene I just want to thank you for this buying experience we had together. Our family thanks you for being patient with us and having to look at many homes. I know it wasn't easy especially seeing so many houses some being pretty to some looking like terror houses. We appreciate you looking into detail about what was wrong and right about the houses and how well prepared you were with each house. This being our first house we were really nervous with everything but happy that you made every process easy. Thank you for being a great realtor we wish you the best and hope you sell many more houses, and hope you help many more people.
Selene Zamora
Dan was great to work with on the sale of my condo. He was responsive and paid attention to details for the listing and the eventual closing. He outlined a successful strategy for the listing, which resulted in lots of showings and multiple offers. When we had some issues with the buyer’s bank, Dan stayed on top of things and kept things moving toward closing.  Thanks for getting it done for us! 
I recently purchased a condominium. Dan Schneider with Crane Realtors® was my Realtor®. I have purchased several homes over the years and used several Realtors® but have never used repeat Realtor®.
Dan Schneider is very personable and reliable. He makes you feel like you are his only customer even when he is very busy. He will consider your needs and point out flaws to avoid. He is detailed oriented and reliable. Always available via text or phone call.
I would highly recommend him to friends and family. The only Realtor® I would use again.
Joanie W.
John and I are very pleased with the job done by Dan Schneider. His low pressure worked well for us to reduce the stress. His persistence to detail was so helpful. We will definitely recommend Dan to anyone thinking about selling, buying or both.
Becky R.