Home Warranty For Real Estate Purchases

It is important to read and understand the scope of coverage for home warranties. While they not all created equal, they do share many of the same characteristics.  They all have an upfront yearly fee which may be considered substantial, they have "service" or "trade" fees which are charges each time a service order is called in, and there are limits on payouts for covered items.  It is important to ensure the functions and features were in proper working order, and documented prior to a sale of proper working order, to ensure they do not attempt to classify issues as "pre-existing".  When calling in for service it is prudent to request a few options for local contractors and research that individual contractor prior to scheduling service to be performed.  It is suggested to review places such as Yelp, Google reviews, the Better Business Bureau, and more before committing to service by the contractor.  While the home warranties are convenient and may appear to offer substantial coverage, please read and review the terms and conditions, entire coverage, and their responsibilities before making the expensive 1 year commitment so you are not disappointed upon making a service call.

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