My home inspector said WHAT?

Whether you're a first time buyer or a seasoned veteran buyer or seller, it's difficult to digest the report of the "home inspector".  A home inspector's duty is to educate a buyer of the main functions, features, and faults of the home.  Many have a background in building, remodeling, electrical, plumbing, or a combination of them.  Home inspectors are required to be licensed by the state.  Continuing education is a requirement as to keep them up to date on changing building codes and technical aspects of inspecting.  Their reports can be very informative, helpful, and sometimes outright SCARY!  You must remember the purpose of the inspection is to inform you of the functions and features of the home and identify areas of concern!  It is your decision to decide what you feel MUST be addressed to make you comfortable with continuing the purchase of the home.  The reports are typically overwhelming to most (including myself after years of being in the business) and I suggest reading the report then walking away or sleeping on it for a night, then re-reading it.  Usually this will allow the emotions to wear off and allow you to think with a level head.  I also suggest if you have concern of an opinion of the inspector, to get a second opinion from a professional who deals with the specific item of concern.  Please remember when deciding which items in the report you will be requesting for repairs, corrections, or replacements, that no home is perfect - nor will they ever be.  Be realistic on your requests - this may make the difference of you attempting to buy a home and actually buying one.

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